Saturday, 20 April 2013


Our makeup artists at the London School of Modelling are always looking out for the newest makeup styles and this season, it seems that heavy, intricate eye makeup is right on trend. Here are some tips when applying heavy eye makeup for photo shoots and some images of our favourite looks. 1) Always Start with a clean eye. Remove any excess makeup with cleansing wipes or warm soap and water. 2) Be careful not to rub your eye too much or you will cause irritation and leave red patchy marks 3) dry the skin thoroughly before starting to apply makeup 4) Apply an eye gel or good moisturiser and leave for a minute before applying makeup 5) however bright or heavy you are going with the eye makeup, start with a neutral colour for a good base 6) Apply heave eye makeup by sweeping layers of colours, one on top of the other to create a rich deep look 7) Use a blending brush to blend colours together 8) Add crystals with eye glue (do not use normal every day glue this could be very dangerous) 9) Always put a tissue under the lower eye lid when applying lots of eye makeup as this will catch the falling particles of makeup and prevent it going all over your face. 10) Apply fake lashes for that extra glamorous look

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