Tuesday, 19 October 2010

London School of Modelling goes back to the '50s!

Anyone remember the 50s?

Well we decided to go back in time and create some stunning 1950s style retro photos at our last London School of Modelling Boot Camp.

Did you know that a 1950s housewife would be expected to greet her husband at the door after he returned from work, then proceed to ask him all about his day without uttering a word about hers, then pass him his newspaper, post and slippers whilst ensuring the home made dinner was on the hob, the children were bathed and fed, the house cleaned, beds made, dog walked and fed AND whilst maintaining an air of beauty and sophistication at all times....not to mention having to entertain her husband in the bedroom later on with full make up on and hair teased to perfection!!

And ladies...we thought we had it hard....!

So our fabulous stylists, make up & hair artists and photographers created these brilliant 1950s inspired photos with a twist.

Hope you like them.....

If you would love the chance to model in a shoot like this then get in touch - we are always looking for new students.

Just go to our website www.londonschoolofmodelling.com to find out more.

lots of love

Debbie x

PS - Find out soon how our shoot with the very funny Alan Carr went for Heat Magazine.