Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Changing Lives at the London School of Modelling

Morning Everyone,

We had another fantastic Model Boot Camp weekend at the London School of Modelling and discovered some great new models out there.

One in particular who was just an inspiration was 50 year old Amanda (pics on this blog) mum of 5 who holds down 3 jobs to keep her family a float.

Amanda is just an amazing woman- she modelled in the 80s but gave it up for her family and has always wanted to try and get back into it - but has never had the time or courage.

She came to my school for the experience and chance to turn her life around and she was amazing in front of the camera.

here is her Testimonial written in HER OWN WORDS - it was so amazing that i felt the need to blog about it:

From: Amanda *******
Date: 28 February 2012 09:51
Subject: Re: London School of Modelling


In all honesty I am a person who has made so many mistakes in life especially career wise. However one of the best things I have ever done is attend the "London School of Modelling " It changed my life beyond belief.

Last year due to circumstances I worked non stop in the lowest paid most boring jobs. It left me demoralised, depressed, with low confidence and self esteem. I didn't even dream any more just got on with things like a robot. I even thought about backing out of " Boot Camp" Thank God I didn't.

At 50 years old surely I was kidding myself ? I had worked in the eightys as a model but that was 30 years ago.

It would be impossible to say how a two day course changed my life but it did.

They have a very carefuly chosen team almost like the "Mafia" I loved Becki the second in command.. Just having your make up done and hair was brill.

I have gone from lowest of the low to model in demand. I got regular work as a promo model which suits me best and my emails are full off people wanting me. What you taught me is to go for it. When I go for a casting I honestly think why has anyone else come cos its my job! When they book me I also think I want you to remember me and want and take me for the next job. You taught me the difference between arrogance and confidence there is a big difference.