Saturday, 20 April 2013


Our makeup artists at the London School of Modelling are always looking out for the newest makeup styles and this season, it seems that heavy, intricate eye makeup is right on trend. Here are some tips when applying heavy eye makeup for photo shoots and some images of our favourite looks. 1) Always Start with a clean eye. Remove any excess makeup with cleansing wipes or warm soap and water. 2) Be careful not to rub your eye too much or you will cause irritation and leave red patchy marks 3) dry the skin thoroughly before starting to apply makeup 4) Apply an eye gel or good moisturiser and leave for a minute before applying makeup 5) however bright or heavy you are going with the eye makeup, start with a neutral colour for a good base 6) Apply heave eye makeup by sweeping layers of colours, one on top of the other to create a rich deep look 7) Use a blending brush to blend colours together 8) Add crystals with eye glue (do not use normal every day glue this could be very dangerous) 9) Always put a tissue under the lower eye lid when applying lots of eye makeup as this will catch the falling particles of makeup and prevent it going all over your face. 10) Apply fake lashes for that extra glamorous look

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


As an ode to our love of Film Noir we did this rather beautiful shoot at our recent London School of Modelling Model Day. We think the photos reflect the Alfred Hitchcock era. Model Wears long flowing black skirt and vest giving a dark sombre look Shoes are very punky with silver spikes and thick heels to add an edge Hair is severe off the face Model poses at dressing table and with phone, all 1950s style We think she looks amazing We love a bit of glitz and glamour at the London School of Modelling and on one of our Model Days we chose a Moulin Rouge theme for some of our models. Look at these gorgeous photos from the shoot. To get the Moulin Rouge Look- opt for feathers and sequins, hot pants, basques, corsets, big eyes, red lips and lots of sexy attitude! Recently we created this Hitchcock style shoot at LSM and we think it looks great. To re create this you need either a big chest with a soft duvet or throw for the model to lay on or an old fashioned dressing table (see if a salon will let you shoot there late at night when they are closed, many often have this type of furniture), you also need 50s style clothing and makeup. Try googling Hitchock girls for ideas. We love these recent LSM Model Day Photos. The girls look fierce in their high fashion outfits and make modelling look effortless. That's the trick to being a good model. Be natural, be relaxed and move your body in a natural way. Click here to see some more London School of Modelling Portfolio Photos

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Monday, 15 April 2013


London School of Modelling LOVES Rhianna's style and we often try to emulate her funky fashions in our photo shoots. However we heard today that she will not be the new face of Chanel despite many thinking she would be. Rhianna was photographed wearing Chanel jewellery back in January where she posted a photo on Instagram talking about a secret ad campaign. We all thought she would become the new face of Chanel however this is not to be the case. Here are some of our fave Rhianna's fabulous fashion statements

Saturday, 13 April 2013

London School of Modelling Loves Black and White

We are just loving the new Black and White monochrome fashion to hit the 2013 runway. The Little Black Dress has always been a London School of Modelling must in any wardrobe and white is great just in time for the summer (which appears to be on its way!!)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


We love it when we have a new intake of male models at our London School of Modelling Model Days, and here are some recent photographs of some of the gorgeous guys. This male model from LSM looks fresh, young and full of attitude and we like him against our magazine wall.
More gorgeous male models attended the London School of Modelling. We love working the preppy look with some of our male students and outside shoots are also great for creating an interesting photo with beautiful lighting. If you are an aspiring male model then work out which look and genre you fall into . Could you pull of the rock look with some guy liner or are you more the health and fitness type? For more information about male modelling have a look here London School of Modelling advice